(steve Clinton) #1

can any one help I am trying to access a website that I have accessed hundreds of times before but now for some reason when I try it just says access denied and I do not have permission to access it
my question is why would this happen and how do I resolve the problem the site is Autotrader UK I have tried it from my wife's computer and have got the same response.

(steve Clinton) #2

Thanks peeps for the help and a big thank you to roger for the link to the explanation to the problem …and a big thank you to SFN for just being ,it is so handy having a massive group of people who you can call on when the occasion arises

(Roger Godsmark) #3

Hi steve,

Try for possible reason.

And this.

Regards, Rog.

(fred wray) #4

I tried, the same.

(Wendy Wise) #5

I’m denied access too Steve!