Confusing Lingo

So this thread is for us to share amusing and often confusing lingo across French/English & those moments we have with our kids.

There are 2 affecting us currently:

I say 'lets go to bobos' meaning let's go for a snooze as this is a term my parents used when I was little, I'm trying not to use it though as I understand a 'bobo' in french in when they bump themselves by accident. So it could sound like I'm saying let's go bump you!

My daughter tries to say cat each time 'our Stanley' my big ginger tom who looks like Garfield goes walking past. At the moment she repeats each word and can't quite pronounce the 't' so ends up shouting ca-ca each time she sees our poor moggie. I have to keep explaining she is trying to say 'chat' in an english way rather than accusing him of being poo.

I'm sure there will be plenty more!


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We have a new phrase in our house these days, when my son makes a mistake, he says, 'I did trompe myself''