Connasse Princesse des Coeurs

Absolutely must see film. Apparently she can no longer set foot in the UK.

a must see, not sure if I'll take the kids though...?!

Un jour mon père viendra, probably not the most memorable movie of all time.

Something with "Mon Pere" in it I think

Oh yes, I can't even remember what it was called!

I heard you have a had a fleeting career as a film star. Or at least your kilt has.

Must be good if it is like the sketches.

Off topic, but the film to avoid is Les Nouvelles aventures d'Aladin which raises naffness to another level and is such a poor imitation of the US version of that genre that I am surprised they bothered to release it. My daughters saw it last weekend, OH drew the short straw to take them and could only shake her head.