Connecting to main drains question

Hi there

I'm presently in the pre-buying-a-property stage (nothing yet signed....)

The house I would like to buy, was built with its own septic tank in 1960, but a couple of years ago the local council installed main drains in that street. Under French law it now has to connect to them (the cost of being at the charge of the owner). The sellers have not done the necessary and will sell with the job of 'closing down' septic tank and connecting to mains drains at the cost of the new owner (obviously with appropriate deductions). Apparently due to this delay in connecting, the council will soon start to charge a penalty for not being in the 'norm'...

Does anyone know anything about this type of situation? Has anyone every connected to main drains from a septic tank?

Any info would be much appreciated

No worries Louise, better luck next time and less hassle hopefully

Thanks John. In turned out that we didn't get the place after all so problem solved too.

Yes, as our tank connections were being squashed flatter and flatter I couldn't wait to get connected to mains drainage especially as we had no option and would have to pay anyway. BIL didn't connect and was sent threat of fine if not done by a certain date and subsequently sold the property without it being connected.