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Hello All
We are trying to start on the journey into buying a house in France … typically got the money together and the dreaded Covid hit .
So going to take a deep breath and try to look at buying a house couple of questions
Who is the best contact to try and get info regarding costs or going about connecting to main drains. We are looking at a house that has been confirmed needs connection but trying to get the immobilier to get any further info is becoming hard work .
Is it worth me contacting the Marie to see if there is a plan or is this all done individually seems to be a lot of info re fosse problems but not how to arrange connection.
All the houses we are looking at have issues which is all part and parcel of buying a house I know but this and roof problems seem to be the biggies.
My other question anyone any idea how much ( approx) it may cost to rewire a 2 bed house.
New to this so if I haven’t done this properly please forgive.

About 7000-8000 euros. We have had 2 houses rewired, more expensive than you think it would be - but that is pretty much the same as all works in France.

SPANC. The Mairie will give you local contact information based on where the property is.

SPANC is non- collective, but your maire will give you the right info

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Why do you want to go onto main drains? I know it is normal in the UK but our septic tank here works very well and it is what most rural properties have…
Of course I have no idea of your location so mains drainage may well be the right solution for you but if your new place is rural, it usually isn’t!

I would endorse talking to the mairie and definitely listening carefully to their advice.

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