Connexion New French Tax Guide

The Connexion has just launched its 2022 Tax Guide, which I’ve been waiting for for a couple of weeks. Some SF posters seem overly critical of it, but I think for many retirees it’s a cheap and efficient alternative to an accountant (pax Tech Guru!).

However a caveat, because at the moment it’s only available online or as a PDF and I prefer to carefully read the hard copy, highlighting relevant sections as I go along. There are so many studies proving that reading of online material is less precise than reading printed info.


I’ve emailed the Connexion to find out if they’re not publishing a printed version this year and will post their reply on this thread.

Unfortunately the Connexion Income Tax Guide isn’t being printed this year, it’s only available online and as a PDF at:-

I guess you will have to make do with printing the pdf to get your hard copy.
Izzy x

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I wonder how long it will be before some enterprising person is volunteering to send out cut price printed copies of the PDF by post. :slight_smile:

There’s eighty odd pages and extensive use of colour, so a b/w laser printed version would be unpleasant to read. Despite my previous reservations, I’ve already gone though the PDF, highlighting everything that’s relevant to our declaration and am now waiting for the forms to be issued.

Nevertheless I don’t understand why in the UK, you have nine months in which to submit your tax return, whereas in many départements, it’s about four or five weeks.

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You are far less likely to forget your French tax return!