Conserves Maison

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #1

The rural French have a wonderful tradition of preserving the produce from their potagers.
In the UK, bottling, as it is called there, is much less pupular than it was in times past.
Likewise, vegetables are a no go, as the foodie police see too many health issues.
Here however, it is a different story - every veg is bottled, pretty much and I have tried it, with great success.
So, we can use this discussion to talk about the various methods used and exchange tips.
I will look for some tips on line and scour my French cookbooks, and pick my neighbours’ brains too, and post up what I find.
Cherries are ready for bottling now, and there is still a bit of asparagus out there, mainly white, which is the better vairiety to preserve.
Apricots will not be far off, so it will be a busy time for those who want to have a go at it.

Here’s a bit of reading to start us all off.