Considering moving

I’m looking at moving to Strasbourg in the next year or so. I’ve been there before, and did a study abroad in 2010-2011so I’ve done this before. But this time I am considering going permanently.

Right now I am just looking for general advice and input. I’m fluent in French already, so I am not worried about the language barrier, but I am definitely going to look into getting a job and maybe going back to school. Anything you can offer would be awesome.

Hi Erika

A little personal info would probably be useful… like nationality and what sort of work you are trained for…

I’m not sure how you will manage both working and going to school … but, perhaps someone out there has just the info you need… :relaxed:

Strasbourg is great, one of my children is there doing a Master’s degree. Nice place to live, lovely to be able to nip over the border to Germany, handy for everywhere… what’s not to like.

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I’m American, my education is in French and German and I have a background as an ESL teacher, interpreting and translating. Most of my work experience is in sales and retail.

I plan on working initially, for sure. If I go to school it’ll be eventually

Hi Erika,

So, you plan to live in Strasbourg… I don’t know Strasbourg. But I am american and have been a member of SF for a while now. Just wondering how to help, if at all. I guess I’ll just dive in with some thoughts.

Are you wondering how to set up the documentation and living situation in France? For example, your permit to live in France?

Do you already have an address in France (e.g. a place rented yet/purchased yet…or someone who’s there who can provide a place for you to stay)?

I am echoing Stella’s sentiment…just trying to figure out what stage in your plan, you are at. Any specifics you can provide would be extremely useful for you to get the kind of thoughtful, experienced advice folks on SF can (and do, often) provide!

I can recommend a couple of associations to join (AARA Assoc. of Americans Resident Overseas, and ACA American Citizens Abroad), and also someone you can pay as a consultant (Jean Taquet) to help you with the process both stateside and in France, through the bureaucracy. If you need insurance, do check with Fabien Pelissier for that.

But you definitely can get a lot of benefit from the discussions in SF. I hope you plan to take time to read and check in here often.

Good luck.

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Strasbourg should be perfect given your language combination. I did my maïtrise in Aix but Strasbourg was my second choice (would have been my first had I been a germanophone but italian is my third language). There seems to be a demand for germanophones the otherside of the border too with people commuting to work in Germany :wink:

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I’ve been through the visa process before as a student, so this will be a bit different. I am trying to see if I can get a job, even just at McDonald’s is fine. Just to get the visa. I do have an address I would be living at initially so I’m not too worried about that part. Eventually I would move to my own place. I am in the very early stages of this, so I’m trying to tie up loose ends here first.