Considering retirement in France?

Hi all, I'm an American living in France (celebrating 14 years today, in fact!) and am starting a business which will facilitate the lives of English-speakers retiring in the "hexagon," whether short-term or long-term. The need for such a business became apparent to me when I began researching ways for my parents to retire closer to us. It's true that there are a lot of British retirees/pensioners already in our region of Languedoc Roussillon, but not many other English-speakers, and not much support on the ground for anyone making the move.

I'm in the middle of completing the market study at the moment and trying to get responses to my survey. If you have even the slightest inkling of retiring to France some day, would you please be so kind as to take a few minutes to fill out my online questionnaire? It would really help me size the market potential for this business. Here is the link to click:

And if you know of anyone else who might be considering a retirement in France, I'd be grateful to you for forwarding the link to them as well.

For those of you who've already retired to France, are there any services or support that you would like and feel are missing today?

Many thanks in advance for your time and feedback!

Dennelle Taylor Nizoux