Constant daily scam calls from 0613 000 123

How do I stop persistrance daily calls from this number?
I always ignore unsolicited calls that I do not recognmise and/or do not leave a message
Out of curiosity I rang this number today tpo be told by the mechanncal SFR voice thet the number is not ‘attributed.’
I read on-line that the number is listed as “ARNAQUE” Appel en provenance du Gana , répondeur demandant de rappeller un numéro surtaxé.

Clearly not an Afican prince or princess wanting to help me out financially.

Unfortunatley my phone handset (connected to my mobile router so effectively a ‘wired in’ mobile line) does not have a function than enables me to block calls from this number…

Which phone handset…sad if it won’t do it.

Have a look on under “marchandage” search term they have covered this. Got a feeling the French equivalent of the UK Telephonr Preference Service can"t block foreign numbers though.

Have you thought of keeping a loud whistle near the phone, letting the person start tbeir spiel and then let rip?