Consumer review/complaint sites in France?

Hello all,

Could anyone advise on the best consumer review/complaint sites that target the French language/french audience? is not a good retailer to buy from and I want to send out a warning.
I am also planning to file a complaint with the DGCCRF, Direction générale de la concurrence, de la consommation et de la répression des fraudes.

Has anyone here on SF ever dealt with the DGCCRF? Is there an EU agency that also deals with consumer fraud if I am not able to resolve my complaint with the DGCCRF?

I will never again buy from Their “customer service” is unbelievably aggressive and dishonest and I can’t help but wonder if UBALDI sees foreigners as soft touches who rarely fight back.

Yes - but only on the receiving end, as in, being hounded by them and threatened with fantastical fines, for an alleged non conformity, which was all in their imagination because they didn’t understand how the business operated. So I think you can be confident that if DGCCRF decide to follow your complaint up, they will make life very unpleasant for the company you set them onto.

But, they do everything strictly by the book. It’s no good simply describing your experience, saying how useless and how rude they were and how much it upset you and what a lot of inconvenience it caused. DGCCRF aren’t interested in that, they are only interested in the law being broken. What you need to do is quote the relevant French codes that the company isn’t complying with, and explain exactly how they are contravening those codes, so that DGCCRF can investigate and prosecute if they decide to.

I have used three times to resolve issues with some of the big guns in France. Register on their site, go to the Forum and post your problem (in French) with all the ins and outs so far, including dates and letters sent, etc. If the moderators of the site consider you have been done, they will resolve it for you with the perpetrator. They don’t say so, and you sit thinking nothing is happening, until suddenly you get a phone call or a letter from the culprit with a big apology and some redress. It costs nothing to post the problem on the Forum and I have had amazing success in resolving problems that had completely stumped me by all other means. The culprits at the time were SFR, Carrefour Online and EDF. Would recommend LesArnaques to everyone, they are brilliant.


In Spain there is a national complaints system, provider of goods and services from petrol station to solicitor and accountant must advertise and provide access to this procedure. The complaint is investigated by a government department. It works. Should all EU and exiting EU countries adopt it?

ha ha… I hope there are not sufficient true complaints to warrant that…

In one company where I worked… … there was no Complaints department… they had a proper Customer Services department instead… and that dealt with virtually everything.

Thx again everyone for your input. The situation has been amicably resolved.