Contacting Free Mobile from the UK


We’re trying to order broadband from Free.FR from the UK and need to speak with them. The trouble is their 1044 number won’t work in the UK.

Just wondered, does anyone have a ‘secret’ international number for them that they could share.

Failing that, would one of you lovely people in France do me a massive favour and ring 1044 to ask? I’m assuming it’s a freefone number.

Just to pre-empt, we’ll be staying at a family owned property and have access to a French bank account!

Thanks in advance!


I have (+33) 1 78 56 95 60 as a contact number on an old Free bill from the days before I gave up with them!

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Par Téléphone En composant le 3244 ou le 0033 1 78 56 95 60 depuis l’étranger

Looks to still be the number _Brian had

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Hahaha contacting Free even from France :rofl: Wiw used them for 20 years (before they were even called Frey), and dh recommended to so many clients back in the day. We have now moved totally away :rofl:

We have four lines with them. Two for our 4G routers and one for each of our phones and no problems. One of the mobile lines goes back ten years. I think as long as everything goes well they are fine but if there’s a problem you’re on your own. Probably all the cheap service providers are the same.

I am with Sosh for landline and mobile - they are excellent at fixing problems. If there is any breakdown on the fixed network, I receive regular text updates on the mobile plus 300Gb of data added to my mobile quota. We live in the back of beyond and get perhaps 1 problem per year - usually an overhead line damaged by a farm vehicle or falling tree.

We’re signed with Free already and seem to have completed sign up. Fingers crossed!