Contesting PV/Fine

So, my first post, and not a happy one.

I was flashed by fixed camera getting on the Caen rocade. I saw the warning sign in the 90 zone; so Cruise control fixed at 92kmh (remember the code de la route gives 5kmh grace under 100), Tomtom says 88kmh. I was a bit surprised to say the least to be flashed. Letter arrives today, fine says I was doing 96kmh, which is not what a) my vehicle was saying, b) or my GPS.

Anyone here contested a PV in France? It was raining lightly and at night.

I have the point to spare, but not really wanting to take it, as I was not speeding.



Hi Martin; I got one of them on the A20 at Noailles. They'd reduced the speed limit to 90 from 110. I know the road like the back of my hand and there was no warning when coming onto the motorway. Spoiled the weekend away in the UK with the boys. What really makes me laugh is that I received two letters. One to tell me thy had removed a point and one 6 months later to tell me they'd given me it back and I had all 12 points. How much did that cost the tax payer?

a bit late in on the discussion but agree with John on this - my last pv was for 91 km/h in a 90 (96 adjusted to 91 that is) I paid the 45€ straight off and tried to forget about it, the letter a few weeks later advising me that they'd emoved a point too just got "filled" and forgotten...! I've had too many this close but have never tried to fight them, life's too short ;-)

Well you have 12 points to go at and if you have only got one this time it in theory only stays on for 6 months, and the fine will be so much less than your stress and costs in trying to get away with it and then of course you have to find some way of proving your speed

Hi Ben. Yes, I thoughtasmuch. I might have to write this one off to experience and err very much on the side of caution. Thank you for your reply anyway. I think probably 96 is gross speed. The PV is at home in 35 and I'm at work in 91, so will have to wait until tomorrow before I have a look.


Yes I contested some of them. But you need to pay the fine first, then contest. And send the letters "Accuse de reception". But I give you very little change with the arguments that TomTom said 88 and the cruise control said 92. Both instruments are not standardized (NF). if 96 is the speed "retirée" than that would mean that you were at least driving 98-99 when flashed.