My hubby always said to me I was anally retentive when it came to things like this but in books it drives me nuts!!

The kids bought me a book for Christmas - Buried Alive by J.A.Kerley and there were two glaring errors in it. So I've decided to be pro-active this time and have written to HarperCollins to point out the mistakes - watch this space for a response!

Have you found any errors in a book that have really annoyed you?

Im very lucky couldnt spot an error if it was pointed out to me. It does really annoy when a page or 2 is missing though. Yes I buy in charity shops so it is a cross I have to bear.

They are heating up the pokers and oiling the thumbscrews Catharine!

Glad it's not just me that's like this about printed errors though. My MIL had Sky and watching SKY news used to really annoy me! Their scrolling ticker updates always had spelling mistakes on it - wahhhhhh surely someone checks them before it goes to air?

My beef with the book I got were characters suddenly being placed in a scene where they had no place being - name mix up? author's note unintentionally added to the final draft? and a speech in which the detective told you what had happened to one of the people they needed to speak to i.e. he was dead and in the next line telling you that she had no knowledge of this same person.

Maybe we all need to get together and start a weir analy retuntive aboot spooling mistooks club! ;o)

Oooh yes and YOU Fiona -

celebrity was enjoyed

Bet you are now both going to gang up on me and throw me on the fire along with any errant books....:))

It certainly is " no surprising" Clare !!

Sorry but that made me laugh out loud - just goes to show why we need subs!

C x

Yes, but unfortunately it is in my own book - Norman’s Folly! I had translated “ris d’agneu” as sheeps testicles, but a french friend who has just read the book explained that it is the thymus gland and pancreas. If I ever write a sequel, I’ll have to add a correction. A friend of mine who has been in publishing for yonks (and kindly edited my book) told me that all of the major publishers now use graduate interns to edit/proof read manuscripts, so no surprising that standards have dropped. That was another reason why I decided to self-publish.

Oh yeah, ALL the time! I used to be a proof reader and all typos and grammatical errors just seem to pop out at me.