Continuous "Welcome to France!" Annoyance

Has anyone discovered how to stop their mobile phone from receiving texts that say "Welcome to France - calls cost only Xp per minute..."?

I get one every week or so.

I assume they don't cost anything to receive.

Ah. So, even though they could stop them, their legal department overrules them to comply with a regulation the customer is therefore obliged to suffer.

My other half twice tried asking 'technical support' to suppress them on her phone, and each time they obsequiously agreed to do so, but never actually did.

So, it seems, some spam is now compulsory - a bit like the stupid "This site uses cookies - do you accept them?" on so many websites.


I have SFR mobile on contract but I also have a '3' network sim card for my English callers. Since they introduced their package, 'feel at home', where you get incoming calls at no cost i've saved a shed load of money.

Only problem, every day I get a text telling me I am not being charged and then a 2nd telling the rates if I go over my UK allowance. Complained but I've discovered it's a European requirement to advise 'roaming' customers.

once a week! - i get texts (on my french phone) from orange, gamme vert, bricko, intermarche etc on a daily basis -

plus a couple of phone calls asking if i need to update my computer software...

consider yourself lucky!

impec !

Can't help on the messages though, only have a french phone even if it's double sim!

I have a dual SIM phone. :-p

get a french mobile... ! ;-)