Control Technique/MOT

Was planning on taking my UK registered car back to the UK in March and amongst a few things planned was to get it MOT'ed. Now looks like that will not happen so my option is get it registered here for which I obviously need a CT. My problem may be the mix of tyres I have as am aware of this idea the french have that one must have by law the same tyre tread make etc on the same axle! The local CT place is run by a grumpy old sod so before I approach others I would like to know if I am fighting a losing cause. It took me ages a few months ago to get a garage to fit one tyre on the front as we had the same arguement then.


It does seem a bit of a minefield left open to interpretation for starters. It is their interpretation of EU law which says that the same type of tyre must be fitted to each axle. Different countries interpret the word "type" in different ways. One thing I will need are 2 LHD headlamps.

Finally are there good comparison websites to obtain insurance quotes if I go down the route of registering over here?


It really does depend on the CT station.

My current car passed its first CT in 2012 with different makes on the front axle. It was noted on the CT in the section that does not require a revisit. Last February a friend imported a car with 4 different makes of tyre. A different CT station passed it with the same remark in the "sans contre visit" comments section.

I am not sure of the law on this, but as long as all the tyres are the same correct specification for the vehicle it may be OK for a CT but is left to the owner to rectify as soon as possible.

If the CT station does not pass because of the tyres you have 2 months to get correct ones fitted.