Contrôle Technique - any grace period?

My ageing car is coming up for its Contrôle Technique on 9th May.

I have had a few issues with the car of late.

Being pessimistic, of it were to fail how long do you get to fix issues?

Am I covered until 9th May even if it has failed a couple of weeks before?

You normally get 2 months, less for major defects

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At my car’s last CT, the techniciens told me that if any faults are identified, you have two months to correct the faults. If you present the car for retest before the two month period expires, they will only test the items on which it failed. After two months, a complete retest would be required.


Is that 2 months from 9th May (original expiry of CT) or from the new test.

During these 2 months can you use the car as normal?

IIRC the re-test fee within the specified time is much less than a full test fee so worth getting it done within the time frame allowed.

IIRC the test centre remove the old CT vignette and you are required to carry the fail notice with you in the car if challenged.
I guess it’s really up to the seriousness of the issue which caused the failure really and your degree of feeling of responsibility.

EDIT: just noted @Mark_Robbins reply which is probably more current than mine as I haven’t had a failure in some years now. We take our car to our local garagiste to check it over first and they take it to the testing station for us - saves all the faff!

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Its from the test date, and you can drive as normal - they put a vignette in the windscreen with a 2 month, rather than 2 year expiry and this is changed to a 2 year expiry (from the original test date) when it passes.


Presume you are aware that test has tightened up considerably, recently My 2008, volvo, failed on emissions, due to new levels. Tester said some 60% were now failing, same way. My wifes peugot, is 28 years old, and has always been perfect. He said, that new regs, might be a problem, next time.

Agreed John. Our wonderful 20 year-old merc had to go for that reason. 100,000 miles and only just run in. :grin:

What a shame. I had fearful trouble with the volvo emissions, mine has auto/ manual gearbox. He told me to take it on a 30 kilometre run, use the manual gears, and take to high revs. Did all that, (poor car), then took it back, and he tried again, still failed, just. He took it round their yard, at high revs, brought it back, and it just scraped through. Know what to do now, put a bottle of goop in, regularly, and run it up, before next test. Our peugot had almost 80 dents from massive hailstones last year. Insurance wanted to write it off. I insisted on an expert, as car is like new. He took one look, called it a Classic Car, and authorised repair, at main dealer. At 25 ish euros, per dent, i am expecting a monthly increase in premiums.

Depends on the fault.

A contre-visit you’ll probably get 2 months to fix the problem and get it re-tested.

If the problem is more serious you may just get a certificate that expires at the end of the day so you can get the car home or to a garage. If the problem is really serious you won’t even get that.

According to our CT station there is no dispensation for taking a car without a CT to be tested, but you would be unlucky if you were stopped and fined on the way to a CT appointment.

Annoying, I guess the only option is to put a car without a CT on a trailer to get it to a CT station.

At least the British arrangements provides a more convenient way out of the “how to get a car without an MOT, MOT’d” catch-22.