Contrôle technique coming up, but the van and I will be in Turkey

Lovely people! My van needs to have a CT in March, but the van and I will be enjoying ourselves in Turkey, hopefully into July. What are the consequences of this, if I’m outside of France but still driving my van? Is it an issue for other countries, in particular other EU countries?

Perhaps this isn’t relevant, but I’m traveling as a tourist from the US and I’ve been going back and forth between Croatia and Schengen for the last year and a half. And the van is not legally mine, it’s owned by a good friend for the last 10 years. I pay for all repairs, insurance, etc, and when I’m not driving it my friend does. It might make sense to drive right now from Croatia into France to have this done, but I’m not allowed back into Schengen until March! I appreciate any help, thanks.

You might well find that your insurance becomes invalid if you have no CT

And the van is impounded when you try to cross the border…

Can you meet your friend at the Schengen border, and have him/her bring it back into france to get contrôle technique done?

Yikes. If I can confirm that it’s a serious as you guys are saying, I may delay my trip to Turkey or cancel it altogether.

It’s not the normal situation, but people do take long trips in their camper vans, like to the US or even around the world. It seems like there must be some mechanism that deals with this.

CT it now, why wait 'till March.

Precisely,…I assumed he was already there and had just forgotten!

CTs last for two years, so I’d have thought not many go for so long from native country without at least a visit back.

I’ve used up my 90 days in Schengen and can’t go back until mid-March. I’m in Croatia now. It’s a drag that I can’t easily extend my time, but I’m not complaining. Not much anyway!

Border closed so no entry for you or the van.
I presume you know the world is in crisis just now because a virus has spread due to people travelling around.

You might not be complaining but your mate might when he/she is hit with sanctions…

Le défaut de contrôle technique, qu’il soit volontaire ou dû à un simple oubli ou retard, donne lieu à des pénalités. En cas de contrôle par les forces de l’ordre, le défaut de contrôle technique, constitute une infraction (contravention de 4ème classe) passible d’une amende forfaitaire de 135 €. Elle peut être minorée à 90 € en cas de paiement sous 3 jours, voire majorée en cas de non de paiement. L’amende incombe au propriétaire du véhicule, et non au conducteur s’il est différent.

Prix de l’amende pour défaut de contrôle technique
Amende minorée - Paiement dans les 3 jours 90 €
Amende forfaitaire - Paiement sous 45 jours 135 €
Amende majorée - Retard de paiement 375 € à 750 € selon l’ampleur du retard.

Vous risquez également la saisie de votre carte grise et donc l’immobilisation de votre véhicule. Dès lors, les autorités vous remettent une autorisation de circulation temporaire pour procéder à la visite technique de votre véhicule, sous un délai de 7 jours. A défaut, vous vous exposez à la mise en fourrière de votre voiture.

Bon à savoir : Vous ferez l’objet des mêmes sanctions dans le cas où vous avez pris un rendez-vous et que vous circulez avec un contrôle technique dépassé. Selon la loi vous devez anticiper la date d’expiration et ne jamais vous retrouver en situation de défaut de contrôle technique.

There are all sorts of extentions around for visas etc - are there nothing for this sort of situation?

Thank you Jane, the French text is helpful. It sounds as though the penalty will be assessed when the van is returned to France, should not be more than €90, and the CT needs to be done within 7 days of returning, all contingent on an open border. So simple, he said, except not really.

The more important issue seems to be insurance coverage, which my friend is pursuing through his agent.

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I’ve been wrestling with Schengen tourist visas for years. I have never heard of way to extend one…

Just my vague ramblings…

Is it possible to get the equivalent of a CT done in whichever country you are in… so that, at the very least, you know the vehicle is roadworthy… and can show that it has been inspected by a professional.

No, I’m not saying it isn’t roadworthy… but, CT’s can throw up all sorts of little/large things which need attention and it’s in everyone’s interest to have a vehicle which is “safe” on the roads.

Hopefully, a local CT will not show anything… and you will have peace of mind as well as the knowledge that you’ve done your best to comply… until the vehicle can get back to France… this might be suitable for Insurers as well. No idea, but surely worth thinking about…

best of luck.

Peut-on faire le contrôle technique à l'étranger ? |

Non, le contrôle technique doit être effectué en France par un organisme agréé.

Hi Jane… my thought was to keep the vehicle roadworthy while abroad … not to escape whatever needs doing under French law…

it’s a difficult one to call… :thinking:

Did I dream it… or did the French Gov give and extension on the expiry date of CT’s… a while ago??? perhaps that’s been and gone…

I have been told that there is a legal-provision where proof of the appointment is enough to get from wherever to the testing station… when one is driving a vehicle with an expired CT.

Can an appointment for CT of your vehicle… be made for the day of arrival in France in March… or whenever you plan ??? (if arrival is actually allowed re covid…)

They did but I am sure it is passed now and only applied during lockdown.

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For cars and other light vehicles that saw their certificate expire after March 12th, the period has been “exceptionally prolonged until August 10th 2020,”
For those who saw their certificates expire before March 12th, the deadline is July 10th.
Not sure if there was a later extension or not.

Tbh, covid issues aside, I’m not sure that you’re at all legally entitled to be driving, as a visitor, a friend’s French registered vehicle around Europe, possibly unless said friend is in the vehicle with you. Or have I misread the situation?

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Uh oh. Let’s suppose, theoretically of course, that you haven’t misread the situation. Is there something I need to know on this topic that I don’t know?? What are the limitations of a “named driver” (US terminology) driving someone else’s vehicle with their permission?