Contrôle Technique problem (Vehicule École)

(Anita Thompson) #1

2 years ago I bought a used car from a garage for private use that used to be a driving school car. Just failed CT because the carte grise states in Z1 Véhicule École’ and of course it doesn’t have all the dual controls, etc. Seems the garage made the error but they don’t want want to know. Has this happened to anyone’s else? Does anyone know the procédure to remove it. I have 2 months to get the CG changed.

(stella wood) #2

Is this the first Contrôle Technique for the car ??

(stella wood) #3

Hi Anita… and welcome…

It’s not rocket science to get the CG changed, but (I suspect) you will need a document from the Garage/Seller attesting that the equipment has been removed… (and I would have expected the category to be sorted when the Garage put the CG into your name… grrr)

This question has been bandied about on various other forums for several years… I wonder if it is the same Garage… ???

(stella wood) #4

Here is one of the replies… this dates from 2016


Dans le but de faire retirer la mention “AUTO-ECOLE” de votre certificat d’immatriculation, vous devez faire inspecter votre véhicule par les services de la Direction Régionale et Interdépartementale de l’Environnement et de l’Energie (DRIEE) de votre département. Ces derniers vous remettront un document qui vous permettra de demander à votre préfecture le retrait de la mention sur votre certificat d’immatriculation.

Nous vous invitons donc à contacter l’unité territoriale de la DRIEE de l’Essonne dont vous trouverez les coordonnées ci-dessous :

UT - DRIEE - Essonne
Cité administrative d’Evry
Boulevard de France
91010 Evry Cedex

Téléphone :

Courriel :


(Anita Thompson) #5

No. It’s 2012 model but the first CT for me since buying it.

(stella wood) #6

It would appear that the changes to the car were done after the previous CT.

Did the Garage arrange the Carte Grise in your name… at point of Sale?

(stella wood) #7

You may well have to bite the bullet and put the vehicle through the DREAL near you… so why not contact them and check on the procedure…

(Anita Thompson) #8

Yes, they did.

(stella wood) #9

If you have their bill of sale… and the CG in your name… that they organized… then it is clearly their shortfall…

Have a word with your Mairie… they may be able to advise you…