Converter for SCART to HDMI

Just bought a new TV from recently opened Boulanger in Morlaix (at last decent competition to Darty) which understandably doesn’t gave a SCART input so I need a converter unit so I can still use Panasonic video/DVD unit. There are lots on but with varying reviews…many not good.
Has anyone bought one and make a recommendation?

It will probably be easier, and almost certainly better quality to buy a DVD player with an HDMI output.

Not even that much more money as you can buy a player for less than €40

DVD is a digital format, while not that great a resolution by today’s standards it is better than analogue SCART can reliably achieve - so converting the signal to analogue and back to digital will always be worse than upscaling the digital signal.


PS what is very obvious looking at the listings on the UK Amazon site is that there’s a lot of “badge engineering” going on

E.g. this one:

Looks suspiciously similar to this one:

Even this one, not in the same case, has the switches and sockets suspiciously in the same positions as the two above, with the same functions.

I’ll bet it’s the same PCB in all three of these.


It’ll be the same entire product made in the same factory with different packaging and a different sticker on top.

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Indeed, which makes it all the more strange that some of them get better average reviews than others.

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If the reviews are done by the public what do you expect? I laugh at some of the reviews posted on things I want. Dog knows what their day jobs are :relaxed:

…in general I’m very cynical of almost all reviews on the internet , the most reliable way to get a trustworthy and truthful review is to ask somebody personally, or read a review in a reputable mag.

The ever reliable xkcd tackles the thorny issue of reviews in several strips:

And, of course


More seriously…

Yes, most reviews are by laymen and it frequently shows, I try to read the text though rather than just look at the start rating - probably the most useful are 3 or 4 star ones, some of the single star reviews turn out to be nothing to do with the product and the 5 star ones generally too uncritical.

I bought one and it dont work, dont waste your money.

Out of interest do you recall the model? - it must be pretty old not to have HDMI anyway (which was introduced in 2002).