Cooking plat cote (short ribs)

Hi to all foodies, Hope everyone is well. I recently made "plat cote de boeuf" (which I understand is short beef ribs). I cooked it in belgium beer, spices and vegetables for 2 hours in a big pot at low heat (not in a pressure cooker like the French recipe recommended). The meat, although good, was slightly 'tough' and hard to get off the bone. Do you think I should have cooked it longer? The vegetables were amazing though...Oh la la good! Warmly, Mary

Thanks James, I will start earlier in the morning for Sunday lunch :)! I messed up on this...

I have a slow cooker...will try this next time.

I definitely messed up on this one! should have cooked them longer...


I agree with Steve, cook for 4-6 hours at 120 and it will be delicious! Keep it moist though.

Maybe best cooked in a slow cooker for half/whole day? I find it difficult sometimes to find ribs full stop!

I have used these ribs for making the base of a chili but have cooked them in the oven at 120-130°C for about 4 hours. Meat was very tender, it pulled off the bone with a fork.