Cool roundabouts in France

Last week I realised that I had ‘gone native’ when I found myself admiring one of our local roundabouts. Either that or I need to get out more…

But joking aside, the French do some amazing things with roundabouts. I’ve seen all kinds of installations, art-work and landscaping over the years so I thought it might be fun for everyone to upload a photo of a roundabout that has caught their eye. We might even offer a prize for the most bizarre…!

So without more ado - here’s our entry, from Peyrehorade in Les Landes!

Great photo!

I love it! It's just up the road from us in (of course!) Kiwi Country. I also like the one at the entrance to Salies de Béarn, with a wild boar statue.

And heres the Happy faces:-

And heres Serre Chevallier

Wewill have to go and take a photo of a roundabout with huge wine glasses and real grapes near the co-operative at Vinzelles, just outside Macon.

That’ll take some beating.

Here’s the giants chair

It’s an hours drive!!! I’m sure we can find an excuse to go down there, or I may have to entice another member to help out.

Photo please Stu!

Cool. There are grape vines on the roundabout at the entrance to Cahors.

WOW ! thats brilliant :0 Wait till my kids see this one !

So far our favourites are the giants chair (somewhere near Poitiers I think) and the one with a cable car and racing bikes in Serre Chevalier.

I love it - and I agree there are some great roundabouts in France. Here is a sad story about one of our local junctions