Cooling off period on French mortgage applications?

My broker got an appointment for me yesterday at our local branch of caisse d epargne in relation to our mortgage apply for the property we are purchasing. I asked him what will happen at the appointment. He said they will give me information about the services and costs relating to the mortgage, as I need to transfer my bank account to them as well as know formally all the small print on the loan. I ended up being none the wiser though as the mortgage adviser would not provide me any written information about the products and only talked me through them. I explained more than once that whilst it is very helpful her telling me these things I need to have their formal costs for each of these services in writing and the terms and conditions so I have a complete understanding of what I am agreeing to. But she would not provide because she had explained them verbally. The only solution i can think to get the terms and conditions and costs is to sign the documents for the various services at appointment i made with her next week because I believe by French law you have a cooling off period anyway of 10 days. If after that I want to cancel any of the services (or if another bank loan offer is preferred) within 10 days because I have had time to read and understand the details then legally i can do so.

Personally, I would speak again with the Broker and explain your situation. I would never advise anyone to sign something just to get a copy of info…

I know the Banks can give details in paper form (though I’ve not been after a mortgage)… because I do insist that I am given stuff to re-read at home before I commit to anything… hurried photocopies of relevant pages are swiftly provided… ( but, I can be very fierce and determined and make it obvious I am prepared to “walk away” if I am not happy with how I am being treated :wink::roll_eyes: ).

Surely you will have the information once you have had the appointment. You will not be expected to sign for anything there and then.

My meeting at the bank yesterday was the one set up by the broker who when I asked what I should expect at the appointment said they will provide me with all the information and costs relating to the services and loan, but when I got there the mortgage advisor only explained verbally and did not give me the documents even though I insisted more than once I wanted the details down on paper.

I left a message on the brokers phone as well as sent an email, but not a dickie bird from him at all. Yes I am aware that the banks can give information in paper form as what happened in the past when I started bank accounts with HSBC and CIC Lyonnaise. The other broker gave me a proposal for a loan from Credit Agricole which was very detailed and was on Credit Agricole letter headed paper.

Hi George

I would probably go with whichever Bank I felt acted best towards me, so long as they could meet my requirements.

any Bank which messed me around… I would steer clear of, but that is just me :wink:

Good customer service is certainly something to be valued as round this neck of the woods it’s not always bountiful