Copy of birth certificate


Is anyone here in the same boat? I need a new copy of birth certificate featuring parents names and the letter from CPAM says to get it from the consulate. However the British Embassy is closed due to COVID except for emergencies. When sorting out your paperwork did you get your birth certificate copy from the embassy?

Is there anywhere else I can order this from?

Thanks in advance for any tips!


Her you go!


Thanks so much!

Hi folks… just a thought… I might be going that route and someone told me to get the multi-lingual one which doesn’t need translating…

since it cost me a fortune a few years ago, getting the certs from the UK translated… I think it might be worth considering, for me anyway…

just saying… it might not apply to everyone though…

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For CPAM I think a UK version one is fine without the need for translation.


Thank you Stella. Yes I do need a translation. Just starting the application to get a copy hopefully a multilingual one will be an option.

CPAM took mine years ago… very fragile as you might expect… they treated it with great care…

I’m talking about those incidences when a translation IS going to be needed.


Unfortunately after having seen the original they now want a translated one.

I think it‚Äôs only a little extra to get the International one‚Ķ and a translator cost me 45 ‚ā¨ a time‚Ķaaaargh

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Just in case anyone else needs one- there are delays due to COVID so maybe worth applying sooner rather than later.

Looking on the GOV site £22 for multi-lingual


Wow… sounds like a bargain to me… sadly thinking about all the money I’ve wasted…

Engraved into a stone tablet?!

A thin sliver of alabaster…

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IIRC a full version of the BC is required, not the short version…

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Ordered it now and went for the translated version. There did not really seem to be a long or short option though.

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Be careful with the multi-lingual one as I have had these rejected as not being certified translations. The préfecture sent back my dossier which had these. And then they sent back copies of the certified translations as wanted the originals…

The law says that a) can send english documents and b) because of law of dematerialisation electronic copies and photocopies are acceptable. But if you want your dossier dealt with then best not to argue.

That sounds quite confusing.

Welcome to French bureaucracy!


When my Zambian wife applied to CPAM for a CV she had NO birth certificate. As she was born in a colony of the British Empire children were not regarded as worthy of registration, being ‚Äėbantu‚Äô or mere natives.

When her country gained independence she was 23, and got a plastic national identity card with her DOB and place of birth on it : first official recognition of her identity.

This little card, with the above explanation, secured her CPAM attestation and card, with no fuss or comment at all.

French bureacracy at its best, in line with the national motto, Libert√©, √Čgalit√©, Fraternit√©.

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