Copy of l'immatriculation & la Responsabilite Civile

I am trying to apply for a place at a local craft show and the application has to be accompanied by a copy of l’immatriculation & la Responsabilite Civile.

I’ve asked my insurance to provide a copy of my public liability cover which I am guessing is the Responsabilite Civile ?

And, I’m not sure how to get the L’immatriculation ? Does anyone know ?

I have no idea whatsoever without more context with wording but they’re not asking for a Kbis extract or such are they?

Agree, could be that. Or may want confirmation of your status. Market Inspectors here can be quite strict.

If you are an Artisan or Commerçant you should have a copy of your inscription in the “ Registre des Métiers” or “Registre du Commerce”.

If you are an Artiste Libre, then they may just want something to show you are paying taxes and social charges. Or your attestation that you are subscribed to the “Maison des Artistes”

Anyway this is how you can her your Kbis

No the form isn’t super helpful but it does say incomplete dossiers will not be accepted :frowning: I’ve emailed them but no reply so far.

Maybe I’ll inclue my kbis and insurance ?

Thanks Jane (I’d forgotten about the Kbis) and Kirstea :slight_smile:

Exactly as Jane said. You will be automatically with one or the other (or both) with your micro-enterprise. It would be in the initial load of paperwork you would have got through!

And yes the other is insurance.

Thank Tory - (just to check the copy of the inscrption is the kbis ?)

What is a kbis???

A very french piece of bureaucracy that basically replicates a Siren/Siret

See link above