Coronabrain - glad it's not just me

Sent OH out to buy something I’d already got the day before and forgotten about
Left my keys in the car ignition while shopping in Leclerc
Promised to change the gas bottle and left it on the terrace
Promised to buy him something in Leclerc - forgot to buy it and now can’t remember what it was I promised to buy

The BBC explains everything. :slight_smile:
How anxiety affects your focus - BBC Worklife


Happening to me, Sue. Since my wife was away I’ve lost chunks of my English vocabulary. Bought queue de bœuf for tomorrow’s lunch and couldn’t recall what it’s called in English when I got home. :no_mouth:


I’ve been more dippy than normal, have more time but getting less achieved (lack of any ‘me’ time to clear the brain with kids home I’m guessing!). drinking more wine too so that may not be helping :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :hugs: :hugs:

Mmmmm oxtail soup?


We need it today. we were supposed to have 25 degrees but it has been gray and rainy all day.
Bobotie again, hooray.

It seems I have had this for many years, maybe I started it all :astonished::wink::crazy_face:
Now, what was I doing :thinking:

I liked the lines of the signature ditty of one of those 18:00 - 18:55 R4 comedy progs which described someone who pauses on the stairs - initially to try to remember why going up - pauses long enough to forget whether they were going up or down.

This might make you feel better, my friend. :wink:

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Helena, just great, thanks!
Youtube offered me this one as well - one of my all-time favourites …