Coronavirus: France reports highest number of daily COVID cases since pandemic began

Not good, not good at all and there’s still a lot of handshaking and bising going on in my neck of the woods.

Yes indeed, and even after all these months people do forget. A neighbour who asked me round to request a favour shook my hand as I entered the house, he noted my surprise and hesitation and his wife then told him off as she ‘blew’ a bisou to me.

Then I delivered a dog to a lady who was to do the next section at Vierzon, she took me by surprise with the outstretched hand as well. As I was intending to park up to give my ‘co-driver’, Jules, a walk round while I had my lunch at a favourite spot only 5 minutes later, I thought never mind, when we get there I’ll wash my hands with hand cleaner.

Then I forgot and ate my apple and cheese, sharing it with the offsider of course, with my bare, infected, hands. :astonished:

But it is hardly surprising that some people are not taking it seriously, when you see spectatorless football on the tele with everyone, including the managers, hugging each other. And as to the rugby, well. :roll_eyes:


Watching thye TdF I’ll be amazed if it finishes giving the rabid chimpanzees screaming and shouting at the riders from just feet away if that. Many of them unmasked of course. One neighbour has been sent home from the tour, he is usually on the caravane, but he has been in contact with someone who tested positive (Prudhomme? :smile:) although he himself tested negative. Has to isolate now.

I found out yesterday that ‘Mad Jacques’ is still going ahead next month and our little commune (500+ inhabitants) will be ‘under siege’… over a weekend. What idiot thinks it is OK for this to be allowed, given the current circumstances?!!

What/who is Mad Jacques? And given that he’s mad, presumably he’s the idiot who thinks it’s ok.

Sue Jarvis

I hate it when I know all the words but not the meaning - I think Google has straightened me out but is “fin” acting as a noun or adjective here? Or something else.

Don’t know what happened there…

Middle of nowhere?

“depths” - it makes sense as fond is bottom - so “end of the bottom” but I wouldn’t exactly have made the leap from that to “depths” (though in passing I note wordreference gives depths as a translation for fond on its own without mucking about with fin).

I was just trying to work out whether fin is a noun here or acting as an adjective.

It doesn’t help that I’m a 70’s child and teaching grammar was out of favour when I was at school.

Hmmm… I wonder if Sweden’s ‘no lockdown’ strategy will prove to be better after all…

I haven’t looked at Sweeden in detail but isn’t it a bit disingenuous to say that they had a “no lockdown” strategy.

They had a voluntary lockdown strategy and there was a good bit of changed behaviour - perhaps this has been continued rather than the “right the shackles are off” reaction in other countries?

That right, they had people limits, over 70s isolating etc - probably a much more sustainable way of living and without as you say the ‘shackles off’ effects we have been seeing over the summer elsewhere.

OH observed that apparently the Swedes are more reserved anyway, so the social distancing was not that much of an issue for them. Not the “bisous” culture of France!

This is true. a lot of them have summer cabins in the woods / lakes so holidays are quite different - not the same swarm all over Europe / drink in bars / eat in restos ever night / go to nightclubs mentality.

Hardly - people were ‘asked, rather than ordered, to respect physical distancing and work from home if possible… Shops, bars, restaurants and gyms stayed open and the wearing of masks has not been recommended’ - that sounds a long way from lockdown - certainly very different from le confinement here in France.

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According to Matt Hancock, the results coming back from Test and Trace are saying that it is socialising that is causing the recent spike in cases. Having seen the’ socialising’ undertaken by the young and hearing about the coach trip taken from Wales to Doncaster, it really isn’t surprising that numbers are rising exponentially.
Van Morrison has written three songs about the high handed attitude of the government restricing liberty.
Unfortunately, we have the same problem rearing its ugly head in a different guise, those who accept responsibility for the their own health and those of their fellow citizens and those who are only keen on exercising their ‘rights’ and to hell with the rest of us.

That would be the same people who at the beginning of July encouraged people to socialise to kick start the economy. You can’t have your cake and your ha penny

July: Go out, kick start the economy, eat out to help out
September: People going out is the problem, who could have known this would happen?


July: UK still has high infection rate but Brits can go on holiday all round Europe
September: Europe has record infection rates, who could have known this would happen?