Coronavirus- Updated: declared Global Health Emergency

It’s on people’s minds and has ramifications everywhere - what do you think?


I think Brexit is terrible and I am very unhappy about it. I also think that there is a whole Brexit section and dozens of threads for people to say what they think without using other topics

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True but it wasn’t me that brought you-know-what up in this thread.

You asked me what I thought. That’s what I think

Ah, it was more a rhetorical question regarding the all-pervasiveness of you-know-what.

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:joy::rofl: Is nothing safe from the conspiracy theorists?

Coronavirus is mentioned on the back of Detol disinfectant bottles. That is because Coronavirus is a blanket term that covers the different strains( like flu ) but apparently that is proof they knew it was going to happen

Er? Sure conaroviruses are a huge family of viruses, and because they can jump the animal-human barrier it has been predicted for a long time that this will be the most like cause of a future pandemic. But how that is evidence of a purposefully created and released new form of one I fail to see?

I think the bugs were cultivated by the EU as a devious punishment for the world allowing Brexit to happen.
Only explanation innit. Look at the timing.


Pass it on…:shushing_face::zipper_mouth_face::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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@vero Les Contaminés…

Twinned with Dorf-Pestgeplagt in Germany presumably? :thinking:

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Please, please, please let’s stop treating this as a political debate = Brexit/anti-Brexit, Macron anti-Macron…

This is a serious threat not just to the European Union and those who may choose not to, or who are unable to be part of it, but to the whole world. Let’s just hope that the Président de la République has the intelligence to set aside the political ambitions of all parties, including his own, in the interests of the French nation.