Correspondence with Open Britain

I responded recently to a questionnaire issued by Open Britain principally Ann Soubry MP and Chukka Ummana. I took issue with them over their “roll over” procedures. The following is a pertinent paragraph from their response, which I quite frankly find hard to believe. I have responded to this email with a series of question, listed below, which I trust they will give some thought to and make an appropriate response.

“Our judgement, and indeed the judgement of the majority who responded to our consultation, is that there is a more immediate task at hand. We have a Government who claims ‘Brexit means Brexit’, but in truth has no idea what Brexit means – for families, businesses, universities or communities. We have to shape that outcome, so we have a close and constructive relationship with Europe, not a distant and destructive one, and we need to create a culture in which pro-Europeans such as us feel able to make the positive and patriotic case.”

Dear Julie,

Thank you for your response to my questionnaire however I do have some questions for you which I list below.

I will start with what we know.

Why did Teresa May, whilst Home Secretary, withhold part of the report prepared by her office listing the benefits of immigration? This report was prepared before the referendum. Has this matter been raised in Parliament?

Why is Teresa May making immigration the main issue together with free movement? She is aware that free movement is not on the table in any negotiations. EU leaders have made this abundantly clear.

Why have Teresa May and Liz Truss not condemned the horrendous spike in racial violence. Have questions been asked in the house?

Why did Liz Truss, Home Secretary, fail to condemn the Daily Mail for it’s unprecedented assault on the high court judges? This was an attack on the law of the land and our democracy.

Why has there been no statement from Teresa May on the daily disasterous financial news? The latest being that Lloyds of London an establishment of some 328 years moving some of it’s base abroad. This was followed by a warning from the Japanese they too would move their banking activities. This followed another announcement from the insurance industry that it too is looking to move.

Why is Teresa May ignoring the CBI? Britain is a trading nation and has been for centuries. It was what has helped mould and create wealth in the UK. There have been reports of small companies going to the wall. The latest being Rimmington Biscuits in Wigan which has laid off 99 workers. I know Wigan voted out but to lose your job just before Xmas is tough. Have you or anyone from Open Britain talked to them? Len McClusky is blaming immigrants. The parent company here is Dutch!

To continue with what we don’t know:

Why are the press barons so anti EU? These specifically include the owner of the Express Richard Desmond UK domicile, the owner of the Daily Mail Lord Rothermere domiciled in France, the owner of the Sun Rupert Murdoch domiciled in the US and finally the owners of the Telegraph the Barclay Brothers domiciled in the Channel Islands. So what is it these enormously rich individuals want?

I believe there is a sinister underlying issue here. Immigration is a blind and Teresa May is rabble rousing to cover what is really happening. I firmly believe enormous wealth is behind all of this and as such I remain committed to fighting it.

However I am willing to listen. For your information I am posting this on varous Pro-European FB pages and circulating it to the reputable press.


We need to fight for ourselves, as it obvious that the far right has the ear of Government whilst Theresa May continues to harp on about those who feel dispossessed. Where do we stand in the middle of all this. On our own it seems.
However, I wonder if you are a member of either New Europeans or Ecreu, both of which are fighting for our cause.

Yes to both. Also we are the 48% and Progessive Europeans. I also run Not Our Voice on FB. The object of this is to provide letters for people to copy and send to their MPs.

Have been researching he press barons, etc. Am interested to know who these men are and I think the public have a right to know who is manipulating them. All I ask is that you all share the information.

We are millions of angry people who now need to speak out. I plan to circulate everything I write.

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Excellent work Carol. Do, please, keep us informed of any updates.

ECREU yes and was previously a member of Votes for Expats. New Europeans no. Happy to pay to be a member but their payment page thinks our UK account with First Direct is HSBC and then tells me the acc does not exist. Not to clever. Have told them but have had no response. No to impressive. Tried this morning to join the Euromove being run by Stephen Dorrell and Paddy Ashdown. Again payment problems. The page insists on Paypal. This means we pay £’s-€’s-£’s. We can’t be the only expats with UK abank accounts. Why should be pay two exchange rates? Again have informed them don’t know if we will get a response. They will both lose revenue over this and I feel they can do with all the support they can get!

All very frustrating. In the mean time I am ramping up NOT MY VOICE and plan to get very vociferous from now on.My first target is the TUC, followed by Richard Desmond of the Express. The former need waking up and the latter needs exposing, he is meddling in our lives, so let’s have a look at his!