Cost of a blood test?

Is it possible for a UK resident to have a blood test in France?
A ball park figure on cost, please?

Yes it’s possible. The cost depends how many separate tests you need.
Normal procedure is, you visit a GP who writes a prescription. Consultation with the GP is around 25€
You take the prescription to a nurse. She makes a small charge per blood sample needed.
The main cost is for the results from the medical laboratory, here again the more different analyses they carry out the higher the cost.
I’m sure there’s a website that will give you precise figures but for a ball park figure, trying to remember last time I took someone for blood tests, if it’s to help with a diagnosis and there are a number of analyses the cost could be maybe 80 - 100€?
I have a feeling there may be another route where you go direct to the laboratory and bypass the nurse, maybe even the GP as well, but I have no experience of that.

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Our local Laboratory which does blood tests charges around 40-50 euro for a full set if someone has to pay… (ie no carte vitale/mutelle)

folk go there 6 days a week … and if you go early enough in the morning, the results are available by around 5pm… (on-line or posted or collected…)

However, they will need a Doctor’s prescription in order to take the blood and do the necessary testing…

so ball park figure is 25 euro + 40/50 = less than 100 euro…

hope this helps…


Just a thought… a foreigner would probably have to provide a passport with the prescription, as proof of identity… (perhaps ???)

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We’ve always needed proof of ID even with a CV.

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this is a list of laboratories… you can check with your nearest… ask them how much …

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Nope, not in 20 years… not at our local “Dracula’s Den”… :sweat_smile:

but at the hospital… oh yes… every time…

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I have never had to show id
Do you have a CV?

Of course.

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There is walk-in lab in our nearest bigger town where you can get tests done. Sometimes it’s a bit of a wait tho’, but if you are paying for yourself then no prescription needed. You do have to know what tests you want of course! Preferably in French.

I used to use this service before we moved over permanently, as I have to have regular tests. The basic (full blood count, inflammation markers and liver enzymes) was about 6€ for the nurse and 60€ for the tests.

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I had a “full set” of blood tests last year, and I paid around 50 €. The ‘routine’ test was prescribed by my MT and I have a CV.

From memory the “full test” included a total and differential count of all blood cells, white, red and platelets, and haemoglobin titre to check for anaemia. Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (broad brush indicator of active disease if significantly raised).

The tests on blood serum included electrolytes (vital ‘salts’ including potassium and calcium levels) urea and urates (kidney function), tests of hepatic and biliary (liver) function, vital vitamin levels, fasting blood glucose (basic test for diabetes), blood lipids (cholesterol) and - for men - tests on prostatic enzymes. More or less a basic medicalCT/MOT.

Expect nurse to fill several small bottles of your red stuff, painlessly.

An essential annual assay of basic physical health and very worth the money. The charge is the laboratory fee. Some of the fee is refunded, but I can’t recall what percent.

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I had a full test of bloods done a couple of months ago, the cost was €88.70.

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Lots of useful information, thank you.
I have never had to pay for blood tests, with prescription, so curious that some of you have to?
A young family member is visiting us soon.
He moved to London recently and having difficulty registering with a doctor.
He has developed symptoms which I feel a blood test might initially give us some peace of mind?

I find it everlastingly curious too, but have got used to it. I have to fork out 25€ every time I visit my MT, just to renew a longstanding prescription for an antidepressant. Most of that is refunded promptly by the saintly and gorgeously pouting Amèlie :kissing_heart:.

It’s tedious and sometimes inconvenient, but it seems one has to grin and bear it: it’s one of those charming oddities that go with la vie française. :hugs::fr::heartbeat:

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Approximately twelve months ago our MT started the new system, of no payment to him.
Then suddenly his computer ‘said’ my OH needed to pay 8 euros! He could not explain why, hey hoo its France :thinking::wink:

suggest you book him in to see a doc here, they will usually agree to see a visitor if they can fit them in… why not ask your own doc what he/she thinks… :thinking:

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Our Doc is old-fashioned. At our last checkup… I discovered my cheque book had run-out which was embarrassing… our doc smiled and said to pay him double next time… phew… new cheque book is now in bottom of my “bag of a thousand things” ready for my visit end of March… :wink:

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could depend on what Mutuelle cover one has… and (perhaps) why the test is being asked for…

each person’s situation is/can-be so different to another’s…

This may be so, but the basis on which decisions are made should be less opaque. I shouldn’t need to burden my MT who is incredibly busy with this issue, and it might be construed as dissatisfaction, which most people would want to avoid in dealings with one’s doctor.

It also seems to be the case that other people in comparable situations as oneself don’t face the same impositions, and one obviously can’t pry into others’ circumstances to see what the differences might be.

So all in all the situation is frustrating. Needs streamlining and a joining-up of some dots IMO.

I also find that handing over money to the doctor over the desk is slightly grubby. I don’t begrudge the payment, but it feels sordid. Better if she had a receptionist, but she is totally single-handed, the receptionist’s desk has been locked and deserted for five years, and there is no nurse or even a cleaner.

Peter… each person should know what they are entitled to receive from the State and what they will have to pay for. If they do not know…they should ask whoever is treating them…and their Insurers if they have a mutuelle/fullhealth cover or whatever…

Our doctor is quite clear about such things… as is the pharmacist and all the many specialists we have seen over the years… and the Insurance companies are very upfront too…nothing is opaque or hidden… except one person’s private info will certainly be hidden from those who do not need to know…