Cost of a CT

Is the CT fee standard ? I’m being quoted 76€ this year which seems a bit of an increase on last year, when I took in my wife’s car - - both gazole.

Must confess I never ask for a quote… just make the appt… and go for it…
but I do use a DEKRA registered testing centre… have done for 20 years or more…

CT in 2018 was exactly the same price as CT in 2020 (I’ve just checked the file)

Seems a standard price… albeit for petrol…no idea if different for gazole.
62,22 €
+TVA 20% = 10,81€
+Redevance OTC = 0,28€
+TVA on OTC = 0,06€

Your quote is not much above that… unless that quote is Hors Taxe… ???

Perhaps he gave you a discount last time… check the last bill

do you work direct with the Testing Centre… or arrange through a garage ???

@anon90504988… any thoughts on CT’s for gazole… v petrol…

This resource might be helpful

cheers Graham…
seems as I suspected… prices are variable


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The recent CT for our car was 70 euros. It has been around that price for the last few years.


sounds like you have a good reason to ask your usual tester why the price has gone up… :thinking: :thinking:

If the reason makes sense…
and if you trust your Tester… then it’s up to you whether or not to use him and pay that bit more…

All I can offer here is that my CT tester charges the same for all vehicles, petrol or diesel, car, van or camping car.

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I think 76€ is the standard top-end price but I get ours through at 68€ - there’s always an offer on, been using the same garage for the last 8 years with no real change in price, there are a few locally so the competition keeps the offers coming in but still a long way off the bottom-line 50€ some auto-presse talk about

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Sorry to keep on about this. My CT is due on 1st September. If I decide to defer it fo r a month or two (I can have the use of another vehicle in the meantime), is there some form i need to fill in to tell the powers that be that I’m taking the car off the road?
Thanks in advance

Don’t think so but you must continue to insure it (even if its in a garage/barn) although you should be able to reduce the policy cost if you tell your insurer…

:+1: Thanks!

Booked CT yesterday on line at local test centre for 66 euros.