Cost of having a Baby in France (NO Carte Vitale)

Obviously it may depend on circumstances. Anyway I had an independent midwife as well as obstetric consultations at my clinique and then had the baby at home and it cost €0

Excellent… but I would still advise someone to have health insurance…

as it also says … it will pay the charges at 100% of the Social Sec conventional tariff … thus if some of the tests etc are done by a Specialist/whatever above the conventional tariff, the patient will have to pay the difference ???

I’m honestly not arguing… just want to make it quite clear that funds might need to be found…

They might, it is worth reading carefully. Yes, obv having health insurance is 100% a good idea. If you aren’t in the system theoretically your home health coverage takes over, ie France sends them the bill.

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Thanks for all the replies everyone! Very informative.

Hi Russel,

Currently we are nearly in the same situation as you were at the time of your post. I have my carte vitale but my wife (who is one month pregnant now) has not yet received neither her card vitale nor the social security number. We have applied for her card almost 7 months back and sent all the required documents to CPAM. I have earlier inquired about it through the emails via my ameli account but there is no useful answer. I need to ask if it is possible to get the medical benefits even if she does not have her carte vitale. Can you please also let us know exactly about the cost you incurred in your case? She is planning to move back to India after her 3 months of pregnancy.
Thanks in advance for the help!


Hi there, she needs to ask Ameli/CPAM for her attestation - it is that that proves she is in the French health system. The plastic Carte Vitale is just a convenient way of showing it, and takes longer. It may be that they think that’s what you are asking for.

7 months is a long time! I suggest she might want to phone the english speaking helpline if her French is not very fluent.


Thanks for the reply. Yes, we have called the English speaking helpline. They said that they have transferred our query to the CPAM and they will contact us soon. But we will directly go to CPAM instead of waiting for their reply. I think that would be better. Earlier, we have already sent the form S1106 (along with other docs) which is to entitle her to the French health system. Hope we get the answers when we visit there.


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