Cost of mutuelle medical cover

Just fishing for very rough costs for medical cover?

Probably need some bait (age etc…) best to ask @fabien

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67 years age and +/- €100 for mid range cover with MAAF.

couple in their 50s + 2 teenage kids : about 200€/month

employee mid 50s 65€/month

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Early 60’s hospital cover only 20’ish a month each. When we had a full cover mutuelle we paid out about 1000€ a year more than we got back. So now have a nest egg for any extras we need (I’m thinking of getting a brace as one tooth has decided it wants to be a buck tooth).

@John_Withall - it is all based on age - for top level cover at 49 years old we pay 50 euros a month each. This was provided by @fabien

Attached is the brochure.

Mutuelle-brochure.pdf (1.1 MB)

Age and the type of cover you want!

Actually we have an online quotation engine so you can do even more than fishing :wink: It’s available here and that’s in English =>

Thanks all not too disturbing, thanks Fabien I shall take a look.