Cost to have a swimming pool cleaned

Hello all,
I’m trying to find out how much I should expect to pay to have a swimming pool cleaned. It’s about 10m x 4m x 2m and hasn’t been used since November (when it was shocked) so I think would need to be shocked and hoovered (if that’s a thing). Also, any ideas on costs to maintain it thereafter?
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Jo, it depends upon what type of pool you have. Is it chemically treated or a saltwater pool for instance? I would look at obtaining several estimates as they can vary considerably.
Do you know anyone else near you who has a pool and is happy with their pool maintenance?

Hi Jane,

It’s a chemically treated pool, in the ground with a pump (that is as much as I know!). Unfortunately, we don’t yet know anyone nearby as it’s a newly purchased holiday property and we are still in the UK. Trying to do it all remotely is obviously quite difficult but I was hoping to get the ball rolling before we go out there next week. I have the previous owner’s pool man going up to have a look at it today so just wondered if anyone knew what would be considered a reasonable price.


We charge three hours labour to get a pool up and running plus chemicals UNLESS there’s a major problem, bizarre thing to shock a pool at the end of the season, normally you winterise it with the appropriate chemicals and either partially drain it or keep the pump going for 2-3 hours a day.

Hi Timothy,

The previous owner shocked the pool in November because I was taking my husband and brother-in-law out to view the house and I wanted them to see it in it’s best possible light. It was really pond-like before that. Could you give me an idea what three hours labour plus chemicals would be, please? My email address is if you’d rather not put it here. I don’t suppose you’re in the Grasse area are you?


Maybe give a couple of these guys a call…

Ah, that’s great. Thank you Simon.

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Do you have a robot for cleaning the pool?

No, I don’t think so.

You need electrical connections to your pool for one to operate. They are wonderful.