Cost to rebuild a dry stone wall

My boundary wall is on the verge of collapse thanks to my loony neighbour who has dumped tonnes of earth above it and founded his loony theme park platform type garden on it. It’s before the courts.

In the meantime I plan to take legal action and need to estimate the price per meter (say 12 meters) to rebuild a drystone wall about 1.5m high. It would involve pulling apart the existing wall and rebuilding with the same stones. and backfilling.

I’m guessing about 500 euros per meter…?

I’d recommend getting three written quotes from local builders. That’ll stand up in court.


You might struggle to find people who build dry stone walls, it’s quite specialist especially at that height, and might have to settle for stone and some mortar.

Three quotes is wonderful in an ideal world - but I would be amazed if you could find three firms to quote as not really a very big job. And for a small firm preparing an estimate with only a 33% chance of getting the job is not enticing.

(500€/ml for that height is possibly conservative…)

Yes the only person I had come inspect once before never came back with a quote.

So Il guessing the job woukd take one man two days per meter including backfill so 500 euros per meter minimum…

Actually it needn’t be dry stone wall - mortared would be fine tho its a retaining wall…

Maybe Ill just ring around for ‘Guesstimates…’

Something like this maybe

Excellent! Thanks…

Where are you? If you’re anywhere in or near Correze I know a French mason who loves building dry stone walls.

Thanks Andrea.

I’m over 7 hours drive from Correze but thanks for the offer / tipoff.


I might need someone in a year or two. Half an hour on the motorway south of Brive?

SCOP Les Artisans du Bati Ancien, in Lagrauliere - just north of Brive.

Thanks Andrea will make a note.

This is a wall I built for clients just before the first lockdown.
Concrete strip footing.
200mm block wall, reinforced with rebar
then faced with stone.
No visible muck joints as all the mortar is applied at the back of the stone, against the blocks.


Wow, that is quality work, much cudos :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


Hey - nice wall
Good to know you do it with 200mm block wall, reinforced with rebar.

Noting the one you feature is a retaining wall (supporting the earth load behind it) would your strip footing not have to extend wider than the width of the wall to overcome overturning?

Sadly you’re too far away for me in central Brittany otherwise you’d have the job.

Can you tell me what a 10m wall like that would cost, say per metre, for a wall like that shown - about 1m high?


No the strip footing fine as was.
Returns can be built into cut outs in the earth & buried to go some way to preventing tipping.
Ordinarily though, rebar driven into the ground through the footing is more than adequate.
There was also an expansion joint & a gravel-filled cavity around the telegraph pole to allow for movement, as the wind can be quite strong.
The client paid for all the material, except the stone, which had been the previous wall.
A local chap wanted 5k to build it in just stone…my mate & I did it for 2k.

The footing was 200mm thick…deeper in places because of the nature of the soil…clay with stone etc.
Can’t really tell you current prices…it can vary from region to region, & obviously different individuals (can) value their skills accordingly.
I will take a look & see, though, if I can find something to give you an idea of cost

So after a fairly fruitless effort, I’d say, expect to pay anywhere between 420 - 520 € per m2…

Good luck with your search.


Just thinking aloud…

Perhaps you should put in a higher figure per m2… which can always be reduced…
because if you don’t claim a sufficient sum, you could be out of pocket.

Of course, if you can get written quotes to satisfy the court… all well and good.

Your neighbour will probably call upon his/her Insurers to pay anything… and they’ll almost certainly want to haggle/contest every last farthing… :rofl: just realized… :rofl:

Excellent - spot on my guestimate based on man hours x rates

Ill send you a sketch later today the might intetest you re retaining walk design