Costs of running a home in France

I wonder if anyone can give me any info.regarding running costs for a holiday home.

I really only want an estimate of running costs, i.e. house insurance, taxe d'habitation, etc. on a small property of say €80,000 in the Charente Maritime but can only seem to find lots of articles on inheritance tax and costs if you sell a house in France.

Any information would be appreciated.

Exactly - new-build can easily be double or more than older houses :-O

And even within a commune the taxe can vary, depending on when the last evaluation and re-assessment was done on the house.

Many thanks for your reply. As they say, forewarned is forearmed.

As Tracy and Nola have said, "how long is a piece of string". You can easily pay 2000€ a year for taxe d'habitaion and taxe foncière (usually much cheaper in the country than in town), insurance on the house 300€, EDF and heating (if used in the winter) could be anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand if used all year round... all need to be looked at closely. It's more than normal to ask what the taxe foncière is when visiting a property too ;-)

Bonne chance !

It's like Nola says, it varies wildly around the place with no rhyme or reason. When you like the look of a house, you must ask what the taxes are, I wish we had!

I think most holiday home owners would agree that it costs them more than they expected.

Ooops - a typo. I meant of course €1,000. One would think the taxes would be more in an affluent area.

To give an examples, our taxe fonciere and taxe d'habitation combined in Burgundy are 2200€, my best friend lives 20 mins away, her combined taxes are less than 500€. We are in the Saone et Loire - a cheap area, she is in Cote d'Or - a richer area.

Incidentally the way you have typed €1,00 looks like one euro a year:-)

Thanks for your reply Nola. I'm trawling through the internet for answers! I think it is important to know this before buying as a few articles have said costs can be around €1,00 per annum which is quite a chunk out of a small budget. I suppose the estate agent or notaire will be able to give a rough idea when it comes to buying.

It all varies wildly Jan, from commune to commune and size of family, to the condition of the house - fosse septique or mains, state of insulation, type of heating.....