Cotisation fees explained please

Hope you don’t mind my query
I am English and registered as a auto entrepreneur as a house cleaner.
Obviously due to the covid virus I’ve been slow to get it started. I would like to know please about the form and percentage I need to pay as the form has pre filled in services with tax percentage. I don’t think they apply to me as I don’t sell anything except cleaning services not goods… any help be appreciated.

Hi Debbie and welcome to SF.
Not up to date now on the social security charges but these references might help:


I do recall that there were different rates for selling and services (but don’t now remember the percentages) but perhaps someone currently working this way will chip in with their more recent knowledge but looking at an old return (2018), the rate for services was higher than for sales of items - 22,70% over 13,10% respectively.

It’ll be around 22%. Cleaners are service providers (prestation de service) or may be artisans I think. Look here

Thank you

I have a vague recollection that the current legislation has moved, or is moving, the staging of AE cotisations from a blanket 3-year minimum then 22% thereon, to a system in which you pay 8% for the first year, 11% for the 2nd year, then 22% from the 3rd year. Like I said, I’m not entirely sure when, or even if, this system has come into force yet, it was just something I read a while ago.