Cotisation Fonciere des Entreprises 2018

I am late sending this form in, for which I have received a warning ….
This is in relation to the Gite for which we do have an official 3 star rating.

My only issue now is:-
Section C nos 7 and 8:-

7. Superficie totale des locaux en m2**
8. Detail de l’affectation de la superficie a usage

I don’t know where to get these measurements from.

With the star rating paperwork issued, one is a Grille (4 pages) and gives measurements, but I am not sure which of these to add together.

Is it the whole house or just particular rooms of the house?

I did email the company who issued the Star rating – Francoise at 2bgqualite - as I thought he would know what is required on these CFDE Forms, but no response to date.
He usually responds quickly but is probably busy.

Help asap appreciated. I can supply a copy of the Grille to help answer, if needed.