Cotisation paperwork - statement of monthly earnings

Hello I wonder if any of you can help. The simple case is that I usually fill out the statement and pay by cheque monthly. I have January's cheque ready but not statement has been sent to me to fill out. I did receive the usual notice that I had paid my dues for the year (2013) and it had some paperwork with it. I have now read this and is it the case that they are now saying you can only pay every 3 months by online payment - if so I am not happy as the fine is now 100 euros if it is late and if you have no internet as I have had for the last week or so, at the time of payment you could be fined.

This is a question that is worrying me so any help would be appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance.

Basically the same then, but phone them and explain, ask what you need to pay then go to the trésorerie to pay. That way you are always in the right. They are pushing for all payments electronically but are not telling any of us how to do that. So pay and then demand the details for the electronic payment.

I may have confused issues sorry - I am talking about the normal cotisations that you pay by cheque with the paperwork that comes in the post each month. I have not had mine this month and am wondering how I pay for January therefore. I have paid my CFE (each month) it is just the usual (now increased) cotisations for having the nerve to try and work here that I am talking about.

Not affecting me, but same thing for work (the 'entreprise') Yes, they have declared all shall pay online but have not put the information on HOW to pay online. They asked our accounts for information and pretty much as Brian said - no one knows. I would say pay at trésorerie until left and right hands figure things out.

Yes, we are experiencing this hiccup too. Last year we got the same kind of info with our receipt of payment and were perfectly aware of the fact. However, we have had no exact information to say how. So my OH phoned to find out what the payment is, took last year's letter and went to the local trésorerie and paid it, then sent an email to say that that is how she had paid and asked for the exact instructions on how to pay online next time. By paying in at a trésorerie you are doing it absolutely correctly for any official payment to any authority anywhere in France.