Cottage cheese please

Does anyone know where I can get this in France or is there a good substitute?

Thanks for the info on the moulds have had a look but which one is for cottage cheese please

When we lived in Brittany Max who is now 9, used to get his milk straight from the cow. I’d leave two large empty water bottles in the cow shed (we lived next door) and the next morning would pop out to get his still warm milk. The lovely farmers wife would always give him the milk from her ‘best’ cow (highest fat content) - he loved it and was / is the healthiest baby / child you could ever see. He is also built like a prop forward and I’m sure it was the milk!

You’ve inspired me to make cottage cheese again - thanks Drew!

C xx

ps have you found a good place to buy muslins in France?

Yes, have seen the milk machine but prefer skimmed milk and it’s full fat. Also not keen to use unpasteurised milk and can’t be bothered to boil it! Thanks anyway

Thanks. That’s really interesting. I’ll have a go.