Could you cope in a medical emergency? 2018 second meeting

The SAMU in Dept Charente 16 had a lot of problems with non french speakers calling the emergency services .
One of the Doctors devised a system whereby non french speakers could communicate with the Samu who could then send the suitable help , the method uses numbered phrases which the Samu staff understand , enabling the correct help being sent as quickly as possible .

A meeting to explain the system will be held FRIDAY 6 APRIL AMPHITHEATRE CONFOLENS 16500 14hr . Please reserve a place

Download & print the booklet & bring

Do it today it could SAVE a life COULD BE yours!!!


Well worth while, fine if it’s me needs help, my Wife is French, if it was Her, or She wasn’t around, I would be in trouble, my French is poor, if there was a session round here, I would be delighted to go along.

Where do you live ??? At least download the booklet and really look at it so if you need it you will know where to look…

Next time you go to the doctor take it with you and ask if he can get it going in your dept , thanks for taking an interest hope you dont need to use it good luck Celia

just seen this and its going to be very handy - I had this problem on New Year’s day in 2013 - and had to call the Emergency services for my husband and it was a nightmare trying to explain what was wrong with him and to top it all he then after struggling to get up, fell down the stairs whilst I was on the phone - 2 sets of Samu arrived withi 5 mins.

When in Scotland they took hours to come when he had a heart attack - our local doctor saved his life but no comment re the ambulance service - first one arrived and would not take him downstairs as he was on his own - then we had to wait for hours for the 2nd one who could not find our address.

Sympathize Maggi, I have responded on this post earlier, but would love to attend a course, if I had the opportunity, when I have had a problem, my Wife, French, had no problem getting me ‘sorted out’.
God Forbid, but if it was Her ???

Good incentive to learn a bit more French Bill ? :wink:

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Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :thinking: :wink:

My french is very poor and not for the lack of trying - may be something to do with my Scots accent. It’s amazing how you do cope - I think the adrenaline kicks in - have had another emergency call about a year ago but luckily it was mid week and I was able to call our doctor who was there in about 5 mins with the ambulance not far behind

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