Could you forgive a killer?

A few days ago a 21 year old man gunned down nine pople in a church in Charleston. The killer or alleged killer as he is still being called faced relatives of the dead people. At least one of the family members, the daughter of a lady gunned down said to the 21 year old "I forgive you".

Could you forgive a person who had killed a loved one ?

Superb weather, being outdoors, better things to do, getting on with living......

Have fun Norman BFN.

Peter, I think you could very well be right.

As from today, no matter how tempted I will not enter the lists for at least one week. Might be a thought for some others of us? Will be interesting to see if we are missed at all. I don't think I will be, but what about others of the 'same old faces'?

Anyway, I will be viewing but not participating for at least a week. Could easily be good for my soul as well?

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Bye for now!

I'm sure the majority are fed up with the minority (the same old faces) hogging the limelight...

I find this fascinating.

Possibly one of the biggest subjects of the day, and which does carry implications for each of us and in my view the families of most of us for generations to come, yet ignoring the sideswipe at the fat driver, only about 6 of us out of the 8000(?) members of SFN have joined in.

Ignoring it? Frightened to face it? Hoping it will go away? Or just plain not interested?


I think you belong in what I call the 'Realists Club' of which I think I must be a Founder Member.

I used to think so, but I still want the bloke who shot John Lennon locked away.

Positive....but very cynical ..... really.

Life's a bitch..........then you die!


after those 22 years do you end up feeling positive about the human condition, or negative?


I totally agree, but don't think they are the cause, simply an effect, just as Hollywood is.

It's Education that is needed .... IMHO... I served 22 years in HM Prison Service ....It gives you a bit of an insight into human behaviour .

Barry, I must admit to wondering about my call for banning automatic weapons in an earlier posting.

Maybe 'every home should have one' might be a better idea in the light of what is happening? Never thought I might start seeing some merit in the multiple gun ownership mindset of America, but I am having my doubts now.


I think there is a rethink going on about the original post .... 38 in Tunisia, beheading in Issore ...where next, and who forgives an inhuman act of sending a "Selfie" with the head of the innocent in his hand ?

Not me ...I volunteer to shoot him dead if a volunteer is needed .

39 and counting killed in Tunisia! That's what happens when God is given a day off! Yet there are families still praying to an imaginary god!

That reminds me Norman.....Do you know that the weather in Leeds is Muslim?..... 5% Sunni and the rest Shiite!

That's a real bummer Norman, pork is so cheap at the moment !


why scary? - just forgive everything! Isn't this where we came in?