Could you have thrown these cats out of your new car?

Gorgeous cats, comfortable, in good health?? Yes, but abandonned at the top of our drive this lunchtime - thank you, you very courageous people who chose to throw these cats out of your brand new car - a white Megane type. No doubt the cats failed to fit in with their new colour scheme!

I'm cursing the people, Lynn, not suggesting you refuse help to innocents!

I wouldn't mind, but we never refuse to help people who ask Melissa, sometimes it may take a while, but there always better solutions!

Apart from the obvious disgusting nature of these abandons, the other side of the coin is that Chats du Quercy pride ourselves in being well managed and well organised association, next week we have planned with a local Mairie and the Police to help a young couple who have become overrun with cats, and we are to take 10 of them. As we don't mix our cats either, logistically this has placed us with an unacceptable situation!

I curse those two-legged assholes.