Countries Border Control re Covid

I’m just surprised he hasn’t changed his name to NoVacc Djokovic.


I suspect it’s because the internet wags got there first. :wink:

Djokovic Covid timeline: Did he break rules after testing positive.


Now this:

Could Macron’s absurd rules regarding UK/France travel really be all about saving face on the rugby field?

I think it’s more political than the fair play ethics of rugby, but rugby among other sporting UK / Fr fixtures are paying the price. (at the mo there seems to be no fair play).

And the 6 Nations will be well and truly buggered up (vested interest as I’ve got a ticket for France v England)

Yes, his arrogance knows no bounds. Is this the role model we want for our children?

Missing the match could save you some pain.

Drip, drip, drip drip drip…

Novak Djokovic admits breaking isolation while Covid positive


No. Simple answer! Unless they have a signed letter from the virus exempting them from transmitting it!

Novak Djokovic: Australia cancels tennis star’s visa again.

Moment Djokovic learns his Australian Open fate

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Cracker. :rofl:

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