Courageous Marathon Folk - well done! (Add your Tales) US man breaks record for completing marathon in an exoskeleton

Adam Gorlitsky is paralysed from the belly button down, but despite his disability he finished the Charleston Marathon in 33 hours, 16 minutes and 28 seconds.

Mr Gorlitsky says he doesn’t think peoples “adversity should define who they are.”

He was clearly a courageous and brave man and a very determined man. Sets an example for us all.

My one and only attempt was running around Hyde Park, in London, in the Sunday Times National Fun Run along with the other lads and lasses from the office. Somewhere around the 1980s. The best part for me was when I finished. I was fit and strong but not cut out for running or even jogging.

The Frenchman in this article could not only run but ran backwards for 42 kilometres in a French marathon, a couple of days ago.

Can’t think of the right word to describe his effort. Imaginative & amusing come to mind.

Another French effort…on bicycles…

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