Court rules that residents can refuse Linky meters - Update October 2018

I can confirm that the court ruling did not say you could refuse to have it installed. See this Que Choisir repoort. All you can do is refuse to allow the installer access to your property when he comes to install it. Which was always the case. However you may be storing up other problems for yourself like having to pay to have your meter read and, if your current meter gives up the ghost, having to pay for a new one.

The Que Choisir article is full of interesting stuff on the problems people have reported with the new meter including having nothing but estimated consumption on their bills because the meter can’t transmit the data. If you can’t access the article on line look for the Que Choisir magazine at the newsagent.


"All you can do is refuse to allow the installer access to your property when he comes to install it. "

Which is of no use to anyone having an externally sited meter.

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yes, I often feel likeyou Richard.
Having weighed up whether to just sit back and let it all happen or try to do something though, I decided to do the latter - and the only thing I feel able to do is to make myself unpopular by spreading the word in the hope that if a small few people get to realise what is really going on, then perhaps hopefully in the future we may make a difference. It is really difficult though - swimming against the tide - and time consuming when doing the research on subject which are not my speciality. There are other things I would rather be doing with my time but I have two beautiful granddaughters so I will continue to take the brickbats !
kind regards


Thanks for the advice Richard…I’d probably feel confident replacing a uk plug with a uk plug but not a uk plug with a French plug…My uk chest freezer is on a dedicated socket with a really expensive (!) uk adapter…My uk fridge kettle and toaster are on generic uk adaptors which I have replaced yearly just to be on the safe side…

When my uk chest freezer and fridge give up the ghost then I will replace with French equivalents but so far no problems…they are both really basic models…I’ve always felt that the more technical an appliance is then the more there is to go wrong…x :slight_smile:

I hear ya Geoff…just heard of a woman in uk who became concerned about a 5g mast in her vicinity and approached her doctor with lots of information regarding 5g health risks asking her to take a look at it…

A couple of days later her doctor sent the police round and she was dragged off in handcuffs and committed against her will to a “mental hospital”…

She’s out now and I hope she sues all involved…

that really is incredible Helen.

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Resistance is futile, resistance is futile, resistance is futile…


Absolutely shocking Geoff…

Several websites have picked up her story and she was interviewed by Richie Allen whilst being held against her will in the “mental hospital”…a passionate and lucid lady…just shocking…

thanks for this Helen. I am a keen fan of RA and thoought I was the only one in France !
I missed the interview with that women though. Do you recall when it was so I can get it?

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Love RA too…here’s the interview…x :slight_smile:

Helen, thanks for the link. I read the article and listened to around half of the radio interview and came to the conclusion that the poor woman is at least one sandwich short of a picnic . What I heard from Richie “5G is going to make the whole World infertile” Allen, led me to conclude he’s not the full shilling himself.

She seems to have wandered down to her GP at eight one morning armed with her laptop and a shedload of data on 5G and expected the GP to review her findings, when that didn’t happen she did a runner. The GP was concerned about her mental state and, quite correctly, alerted the authorites who sent a couple of health workers around to see if she was OK. Unfortunately she refused to open the door and would only speak to them through the window. They obviously formed an opinion she was a danger to herself (and maybe to others) and reported back which resulted in her being sectioned. Did you note than the mast she thinks was causing her to be unwell wasn’t even switched on yet?


You are entitled to your opinion John as we all are…and she too is entitled to her opinion without the fear of being dragged out of her own home in handcuffs and held against her will…(been there done that got the t-shirt and matching hat…)

Is that the first time you have ever come across RA…???

Helen, qualified people decided she was mentally ill, I’m not going to second guess them.

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Yes, absolutely, and I am very unimpressed.

I guess they decided she wasn’t “mentally ill” at all as she was released…

Helen, she’s obviously some “issues”, the authorities just decided she wasn’t a danger to herself or others.

“Qualified”…??? In whose opinion…???

DSM 5…a grotesque attempt to make it seem as if even our toddlers are in need of psychiatric drugs…

Helen, the GP is qualified. One also presumes the health workers that called to the house are qualified and the health workers that accompanied the police are qualified.

I have no idea what DSM 5 is nor what relevance it has to Susanne Small’s episode.

The hysteria over 5G has me slightly baffled - well, it does and it doesn’t.

At a technical level I really do not see what the problem is - it is not materially different to 3G, 4G or wi-fi.

On the Internet driven conspiracy theory front, well people can get hung up on just about anything - and indeed there are people who have very odd ideas about 3G, 4G and wi-fi.

The hysteria surrounding 5G in Gateshead was woven out of pure fantasy and I’m not a huge believer in big conspiracy theories - the number of people who would have to be “in” on it beggars belief (and reliable information would leak out).

5G does have a much smaller reach than 4G (and 4G than 3G) because they will probably use higher frequencies which do not stray from line of sight or penetrate buildings much and need a cleaner signal even if using lower frequencies so there do need to be more base stations - this is not part of some wierd conspiracy it’s how the technology works.

Sometimes I think that the internet has reduced the intelligence of the average person, not increased it, .

It’s just the classification for psychiatric illnesses - a list of psychiatric illnesses and their features to aid classification and diagnosis.

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