Covid-19 Probablity of Dying

I don’t like clicking through to he Daily Mail, so is it this study?

In a [study] published in Radiology: Artificial Intelligence , a team at Mount Sinai described an artificial intelligence tool that can rapidly predict outcomes of COVID-19 patients in the emergency room.

Using EHRs of patients between 21 and 50 years old, combined with their lab tests and chest x-rays, researchers trained the algorithm to determine who is at highest risk of intubation or death within 30 days of arriving at the hospital.

Because many patients with COVID-19 show non-specific symptoms when they come to the emergency room – such as cough, fever, and respiratory issues – clinicians can’t easily identify patients who will deteriorate quickly. The algorithm can calculate the likelihood that patients will need intubation before they get worse, helping providers make more informed care decisions.

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The article concerns University of Copenhagen A.I. research.

It states that “The group at the greatest risk of dying from coronavirus if they contract the disease are old, fat white men with high blood pressure, according to the researchers.”.

I think that’s worthy of a “no shit Sherlock” award :joy: However I can see why the Mail is alarmed, it’s also the profile of a typical Tory voter.


I love a good discussion but i am with Jane, I refuse to click to that paper. Perhaps for quality purposes we should ban links to certain newspapers :rofl: :rofl: Mind you then we would miss some funny stuff!


2.8% mortality rate in the U.K. and 2.3% in France according to data gathered by John’s Hopkins in the USA.

Problem with all of this - we’re probably not measuring like for like. So much depends on how individual countries record their death statistics and how and under what circumstances they attribute COVID to the death.

This is exactly what my stepdaughter says when she comes home from work, (nurse) she rings their families up. And said exactly this. They’re mostly fat men in mid 50s to mid 60s in our town. Several of them unfortunately from our local pubs.

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The one thing for sure is that Johnson is “World class” in killing people. The complexity of measuring country vs country is exacerbated by the different lockdown regimes. The UK is locked down completely, no schools, no shops, etc. but has a higher death rate than France with the schools and shops open. The one thing I do know is that Johnson and his lickspittle cabinet are more interested in their international rankings than actually saving lives.

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Too be honest it’s a long way off all the shops shut, even compared to the first time a lot are open,it’s a wide definition of essential I wouldn’t even call it a total lockdown number one was much harder