Covid and effects on life before and after

Hello to All,

I have been off this site for quite a while now.
On the 16 th February my husband started to have covid symptoms, he was taken into hospital the following week, they gave the maximum of oxygen to him, eventually had to put him on a ventilator, he sadly passed away on the 29 March…
We had been so careful, the last time we had been out was shopping to our local carrefour on the Thursday before.
Be very careful out there, it’s an awful way to die for the deceased and for the family left behind.
I am so very devestated , I am heartbroken for my little family.
He had retired one year ago, we managed to get in two little holidays during the non confinement, I stopped working one year later in January, he got the covid soon after, my whole future has changed, my life has changed, thanks to this unseen, invisible virus.
Life after 40 years together, 38 married and 3 beautiful handsome sons has so so changed, plans,projects all gone in a few awful weeks.

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Oh no Anne Marie, all my condolences, I am so sorry, what a terrible thing for you all. Lots of love

Sorry to hear the news, thank you for popping in and sharing your story, heartbreaking.

I am very, very sorry to hear that. Much love to you and your family…

So sorry to hear this all our condolences to you and your family, I know something of which you are going through as I lost my wife of 21 years.
We will always be here if you need a natter or to let off steam, never bottle it up as it will just chew you up inside, always talk and share with your family and take care of yourself, thinking of you at this time.

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So sorry to hear your sad news Anne Marie, sending virtual hugs.

Let’s not forget that this isn’t over yet!

We are so very sorry Anne Marie. Thinking of you and your lovely family and sending lots of love,
C and J xxxx

So, so sorry to hear your news Anne Marie. These are the cruellest of times. Thank you for reminding us that this is not over yet and it is important to take care, and that even taking care there can be loss and grief. As Colin has said, if you want, this can be a place for sharing what you are going through. Thinking of you. Sue

How devastating for all of you! So sorry. And, as Sue says, very thoughtful to post this as a reminder to us all as that this disease is dangerous.

So sorry Anne Marie, as I am a newbie here who found this place long after your last post, we have never ‘met’, but I do sympathise with you and thank you for bringing the warning that we should all heed.

Bon courage.


I lost my wife of 31 years in 2013 when she was only 53 Anne Marie,. Everything changed overnight, so I have experience of sudden bereavement and it’s horrible, horrible, horrible. I was distraught, as I’m sure you are. The only thing I can say is that it does get easier to cope with the loss over time. Not much consolation now I know, but I found it reassuring knowing I wouldn’t always feel as dreadful as I did.

Take care.



How awful for you and you boys. You have my sympathy and condolences. None of us know what is just around the corner. Remember all the happy times, they will help to sustain you through the difficult days ahead.

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It must have taken courage to post this, so thank you for taking the time to post this warning to us all.
You do not say if your husband had been vaccinated or not, but we all know that vaccination is not a total answer, but should, if we are unlucky enough to catch Covid, ameliorate the symptoms.
I am so sorry that this awful thing has happened to your family and so soon after retirement and all your planning for the future.
Do take your time through the aftermath of all this, there is no set time, only what seems right to you.
With best wishes to you all.

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Thank you so much for your lovely messages.
No we had not yet been vaccinated as we were not high priority.
We were on our doctors red list when he received the products.
Too late.
My husband had contracted the South Africa, Brazilian covid, I had the British covid caught from my son.
It’s all so confusing even now.
2 strains of virus in one household.
When he was in hospital on the ventilator, nearly everyone I met had got, knew someone who had, had .
Now all of a sudden everyone is well.
I have friends and colleagues in rehabilitation centres suffering from the after effects of this virus.
I am in one way my hubbie never had the suffering of being physically or mentally handicapped.
We were informed that his vital organs were effected, also his brain through lack of oxygen.
He would have hated that.
The hospital did absolutely everything they could to save him, I mean everything.
They never gave up on him until the last day. 6 weeks after that they had tried.
It’s just that he died of covid that I can’t get my head around.
Once again merci :pray: for your kind thoughts and messages xx