COVID - Fighting Back

There have been many authors on this site who do not understand COVID-19 and relevance of vaccinations. I urge everyone if they have access to iPlayer to watch all three episodes of the Royal Institution Christmas lectures. If you are ALL of the following then of course you will know it all : Virologist, Immunologist, Epidemiologist, Aero Biologist, Mechanical Engineer, Fluid Dynamicist, Statistician, Mathematician to name few. If you are a Doctor who thinks he knows it all - you don’t! Even Professor Jonathan Van-Tam says he has learnt from making this series.


I’d dispute that David. I think there’s quite a clever bunch on here actually (myself excluded, obviously).

Notwithstanding, the lectures are excellent and have been recommended elsewhere on here.

That’s an interesting observation :thinking:

We always made a point of watching the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures when our kids were younger - for our sins we now have a son studying astrophysics and a daughter chemical engineering, rather than my own passion - the arts - so be warned!

But I have to be honest, although I generally love the Lectures, I’m vaccined up to the ears this year, so any other topic would have been preferable!

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UK government has just removed the requirement for testing to enter the UK, and also removed the requirement for the 2-day PCR test. For arrivals from Friday 7th January 0400am no testing to enter but see EDIT below for which Day 2 test you still have to ordee.

Remaining is a requirement for an antigen / lateral flow test 0-2 days after arrival. No requirement to isolate until you receive the test result.

EDIT No test needed to enter the UK from 4am on Friday. The 0-2 day “Day 2” test still has to be pre-ordered so you can put its reference no. on the Passenger Locator Form you still have to show when you enter the UK.

If you enter the UK anytime up to Sunday 9th January 0400am, the pre-ordered test still has to be a PCR type. If you arrive in UK after 0400am on Sunday 9th, then it can be an antigen / LFT type Day 2 test (cheaper than PCR) that you pre-order.

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