COVID Protocols or Not for this Coming Summer?

For those of you with gites, just wondering how you are approaching your preparations for this coming summer?

I’m optimistic that we will finally see our UK guests, some of whom have shifted their dates twice with us. :slight_smile:

For the last two years I have been very COVID- conscious. and aware of the importance of being able to clean everything between guests. So I’ve had no games / DVDs or books in the cottage. I’m tempted to continue with this regime for yet another year, just to be super-careful, especially as the world and his wife seem to be getting Omicron at the moment.

Just wondering what others are doing?

We don’t have British people in general so has been business as usual. In fact last year was one of our better years!

I still stick to most of the deep clean rules, and since we mow have two sets of bedding for every bed I will continue to swap them between guests. But I have put cushions back.

Also toys and books, DVDs etc. We have a basket, and ask people to pop in anything they’ve used in last couple days, which theyvgenerally seem to do.

(Our season has started! School holidays next weekend and for next 5 weeks)


I am absolutely not an expert but if I had a gîte or even just regular guests, I’d have one of those steam cleaning machines and include it in my cleaning routine.


That’s a really good idea.